Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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  • May 13: Your love life is getting an extreme makeover.
  • May 20: Extreme Makeover: Love Life Edition, Season Two.
  • May 22: A special episode of Extreme Makeover: Love Life Edition.

    NGL, the first couple of weeks of the month find you feeling supes introverted, and you want nothing more than to just chill out. You seriously deserve the R&R time, Aquarius, so take it! On May 13, Venus, planet of love and relationships, turns retrograde in Gemini. I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. In your case, Venus Retrograde does not equal anything bad, because it’s taking place in your chart’s fifth house, the house of good fortune, which governs love, creativity, sex, and fun.

    This is an opportunity to do a check-in and assess your love life: what’s working, what’s not working, who/what you’re attracted to, and the way that you pursue others in a romantic/sexual context. Do you want more romance in your relationship? Do you want a more action-packed sex life? Are you dead set on finding the one, or do you just want to have a few fun flings? Venus Retrograde is helping your sign specifically make changes to your love life, without running into too much drama.

    On May 20, Gemini Season begins, which means that for an entire month, the Sun is casting its light in your chart’s fifth house. It’s illuminating your love life and helping you to generate even more newness and excitement, both in the romantic and sexual realms of your relationship. May 20 may be a difficult day, because Venus Retrograde forms a harsh square to dreamy Neptune, the planet of illusions. On one hand, this can be a day where you’re feeling uncharacteristically lovey-dovey. If your partner is caught off-guard by your sudden romantic behavior, I’m NGL, it could be a little awks for the two of you… that being said, your partner might just be feeling as lovey-dovey with you, in which case, have fun!

    Just a heads up, Venus Retrograde is notorious for ex-flames making a surprise reappearance in your life, and May 20 carries a possibility that you might bump into one of your exes. Depending on the state of your relationship with them, this can go one of two ways: if you’re totally over them and you’re positive you don’t want them back in your life, you can find actual closure and let them go for good. If you’re interested in rekindling your past relationship (or just having a fun flirtation), you can figure out a way to make things work with them—as long as you’re willing to speak up about it.

    May 22 is another day when you may encounter an ex, but it doesn’t carry the same polarizing “this will either be great or super tough” vibe as the astrology of May 20. Mercury, planet of communication, bumps into Venus, allowing for you to connect on a conversational, intellectual level with someone in your love life. It’s not the sexiest transit, but depending on what you want from your relationship with the person in question, you can have a productive talk that allows you to say your piece and possibly make major upgrades. Spoiler alert, Cancer season starts next month—which will shift your focus towards your career—but this month carries a ton of exciting potential, so make the most of it while you can!

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